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Blockchain Badlands is a collection of 5,000 unique NFTs living in a dystopian cyber wasteland on the ETH blockchain.

Our mission is to empower the gaming community more than has ever been seen before.

Join the resistance to play in our monthly gaming tournaments, enter insane giveaways  and mint your own Badlander for .045 ETH .

To join the Badlands, you will need one Badlander. On October 11 at 12 pm EST, the 5,000 Badlanders will be available to purchase right here on our website.

Badlanders were programmatically generated by a random combination of over 220 variances (hair, hats, weapons, clothes, etc) each with varying rarities. The style consists of various articles of clothing/weapons/accessories found in the ruins/rubble of the old world.

roadmap v1.0

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roadmap v1.5

Mission 5

Mission 5: Building the Community-Sourced Badlands Lore

We want our community’s help in creating the most epic back-story for our Blockchain Badlands world. As such, we’re going to divide this mission into three phases to develop the past, present and future of the Blockchain Badlands story.

And did we mention we’re going to reward you for helping us do it?!

  • Part 1 “Enter The Badlands” – Introduce what the Badlanders have been doing, where they have been hiding, and what is daily life like for a Badlander.
  • Part 2 “The War of Singularity” –  Dive deep on the the impending war of Singularity against the robotic government.
    The Badlanders will need help, what kind of skills, tactics, strategies, companions will assist to help them overthrow the status quo?
  • Part 3 “New Horizons” – The war of Singularity has lasted for for years, but a cease fire between parties allowed for the re emergence of a two party system. Badlanders finally got to rejoin society, what is life like in a war torn city?
Mission 5
Mission 6

Mission 6: Implementing Tokenization to Help Badlanders Collect Rewards

We’ve already begun implementing tokenization to Blockchain Badlands in the form of “Badl Bucks,” but we want to take it to the next level.

Get ready to see more contests and challenges to join in order to stack Badl Bucks and cash them in for gaming console upgrades, NFTs, and more!

Mission 6
Mission 7

Mission 7: New Tournaments in Other Games

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the success of the tournaments we setup so far, but we want to get bigger and better.

We are actively sourcing new games and building more prize pools to keep the tournaments fresh, fun, and engaging.

Mission 7
Mission 8

Mission 8: Get Blockchain Badlands Merchandise & Apparel Out to the World

Let’s be honest – these characters, and this artwork LOOKS INCREDIBLE!! The stickers we had made was a huge success, and we want to see more Badlanders out in the world.

We are going to select a vendor, and build out a way for you to get YOUR Badlander on apparel, merchandise and more!

Mission 8